Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

I just returned from a fantastic visit to Mom's & Eddie's in Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico, which is down near Guadalajara. I enjoyed visiting with Mom & Eddie and meeting the lovely people of Ajijic. They are all so generous and polite. I also learned quite a bit of Spanish while I was I just need to remember it! The town of Ajijic is mostly Americanized because of the many American and Canadian retirees, so it's very easy to communicate with the locals, as most of
them know English. They all say their English is bad, but they definitely spoke more English than I did Spanish - and with better grammar, too!
The beautiful village of Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico from the mountains to the north.

Looking straight down Colon street (I think)
Sipping a delicious pina colada at the Chapala tienge

My sweet, beautiful mom

Mi Papa' Mexicana

Beautiful, sweet Marta


Unopened hibiscus

Loved this combo meal from Viva Mexico in San Juan Cosala

I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos. Adios!

Monday, August 17, 2009

RAW shooting

Well, I finally began shooting in RAW format yesterday. I thought that I had been shooting in it for a long time, but discovered yesterday that this was not the case! LOL Obviously, I'm a noob photographer! I wondered why they were always uploading as jpgs from my camera...DOH!
I took these photos yesterday - my first ones in RAW (.cr2) format. I lost some crispness when I had to save it as a jpg for adding it to the web, but what a difference it makes! I LOVE it!

Our pond

White flower

Japanese Maple leaves

I have a ton of stuff to do today, so I had better get going! Tata!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie & Julia

While I loved the movie, I found a site - Christian Spotlight on Entertainment - with a review of "Julie & Julia." This is definitely worth a read before you go.

Everything they say is correct, but I think that when I watch movies and read books, I replace worldly things with Christian perspectives in my mind. For example, Julie says of Julia several times that she saved her, of which I thought, "That's sad." I immediately thought of Christ and all that He has saved me from. Through the rest of the movie, I was thinking of how I could be a better wife and what my gifts are that I can glorify Christ with. So when the movie was over, I was all ramped up and excited to be the best wife I can, to cook more meals at home and not waste time.

With that said, I loved it and went home completely inspired.

What did you think?

Edited: I found another review website, Plugged In. I like the formatting of their reviews better, so here's another reivew of "Julie & Julia" from them.