Saturday, October 30, 2010

Enjoying Fall

The rain is falling,

the leaves are changing,

the harvest is ready,

the flowers are gorgeous,

And the coffee cup is staying full!
Life is good.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Conversing with Father

One of the joys of painting is the opportunity to listen to wonderful sermons! It's the one time that I'd rather listen and think than jam out to tunes. While painting the living room, I went through Beth Moore's "Believing God" series. While painting the dining room, I was a pleasure to listen to sermons on the Gospel by Paul Washer .

Today, while painting the bathroom, I listened to Paul Washer's "Importunity in Prayer." I was very convicted on my lack of prayer. Most of my prayer is interceding for others, but I was really convicted today of how I should just praise God for who He is and all of the small things that I take for granted each day. One of the interesting tidbits I came away with was that God doesn't say "no" to prayers. In His sovereignty, He may answer differently than requested; however, He always rewards the faith. I encourage you to take some time and blast this from your speakers while you fold or iron clothes, wash the dishes, or paint a room!

This really made me question how much time I take to converse with the Father. How often do you pray? Do you only bring petitions before Him? Do you pray deliberately and come before Him humbly? Going now to converse with the Father!