Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Polka Dots

Happy 2010! I guess it has been a little while since I posted! WOW! November? Well, that's just crazy. I've been busy this new year with fixing up our house and trying to develop a consistent exercise routine and healthy eating plan. It takes a lot of work! I'm also trying to get into a cleaning routine, so I can bang out the regular cleaning in no time and work on projects each day. My dear friend, Rochelle, made the cutest dish gloves for me and I just LOVE them! They're so much more fun and help with motivation to get into the kitchen. You may not know this about me, but one reason I despise doing dishes is that I don't like to get my hands in anything greasy. It just grosses me out! So, I've always got a pair of gloves on when cleaning pots and pans - and really any dish now that I can sport these cute gloves! I find myself washing them with hand soap after I wash the dishes! I want them to stay sparkly white! LOL I know...I'm crazy.

And see that cute little polka-dot baster? Isn't it just adorable? I can't wait to do some grilling this spring/ summer!

Tomorrow, I'll try to post some cards I made.

For now, I'm off to clean my paintbrush and head to bed. Tomorrow I'm finishing up painting the living room.  The stark off-white walls are now a nice creamy tan and it really warms the living room up. Then comes the fun part - decorating! I've got some fun ideas that I'd like to make. We'll see if I can pull it off!


Wendy said...

So cute! I would like washing dishes a little bit better if I could sport something like those! I am right there with you on hating to wash dishes. Since I too cook 3 meals a day I tend to let them pile up in the sink and them tackle a large amount at one time. Happy painting!

Mindy said...

Those are fun!!

Yeah for a new post!!