Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (& Tuesday)

This week has been so stressful for me with school deadlines. I had an report to revise and a new report to write for Managerial Economics and a Business Management midterm exam to study for Monday. I had to pull an all-nighter on Sunday to get everything done, but I did it. However, in the midst of my stress, I rarely gave thanks and I completely forgot to post my Multitudes on Monday. I hope that being thankful will soon become a regular part of who I am. So today, I'm taking time to smell the roses and share the blessings He's given me this last week.
Taking time to smell the roses

{18} my Canon Rebel
{19} warm showers
{20} hot tub time with hubby
{21} water, clean and prolific
{22} effecient firewood stove
{23} stacked firewood
{24} snapshots of those I love
{25} life in death
{26} creative outlets
{27} the transforming power of spray paint
{28} melodic song birds
{29} sleep, restful sleep
{30} books
{31} phone calls from Dad

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