Friday, March 6, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Wow! It's a fantastic Friday and SUNNY! I think the sun just gets me in a good mood. Anywho, I decided a few days ago to photojournal this month. Hopefully it will continue throughout the year, but it's best for me to set my sights short-term and just try to finish up the month. :D play catch-up:

The evening of March 1st (despite feeling terribly), we had dinner at Vaishali's & Santosh's house. It was an excellent meal of homemade Indian food including chicken byriani & goat curry. YUM! They're such a sweet couple, so it was nice to spend an evening with them. I made cupcakes for cute 4-year-old Soham, all decorated with bright colors!March 2nd was my first blood test since January. I had stopped taking the Prednisone for several weeks and just hadn't gotten in for my blood test. Thankfully, my platelet count was at 106K, quite an increase from January's test of 55K.

{Picture deleted.}

March 3rd was sweet Anne's 29th birthday. Holly & I tried to spoil her with a visit to the Chocolate Moose (our favorite java place in Monroe), lunch, and then stamping through the afternoon at her house. I think she had a fun day! Rochelle joined us at the Chocolate Moose and we even played a little bit of Wii - until the girls (Vive & Amanda) got into the games. :-)I finally caught up on my dishes on March 4th. We've been without a dishwasher and I hate washing dishes by hand! However, I've learned that a little bit of tunes (or Beth Moore) with dishes isn't so bad. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they stack up again, although I've tried to be better about taking care of them first thing in the morning! (The dishwasher has been converted to the dish dryer.)Yesterday, March 5th, was my first really tough workout at the gym. Perhaps I should add the BFL site in, since I was really inspired by some of the winners. Time to get back into shape and get fit. I'm feeling every bit of my thirty-three years! (It appears that it's also time to wash these!)And today is a gorgeous sunny day, so I chose to do some outside chores. I took out the trash, scooped Bexar's yard gifts, and cleaned out the bird feeders and rehung them for my songbirds. I heard them tweeting this morning while outside playing with Bexar and Logan and just had to give them some nummies too! I should also add that I just happened to check the propane tank and gasp - we're just about completely out of propane! Seriously, the gauge is reading 0-1. YIKES! The propane company can't get out until next Thursday, so it looks like we'll be showering at the gym, warming the house by the firewood stove, and cooking on the grill! Oh well...another adventure at the Bell's!

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