Thursday, April 30, 2009

LV is here!

LV (Liessa) is here! We were suite-mates at Freed-Hardeman University and hadn't seen in each other in 13 years until last week! She's a traveling nurse and got a job in Kirkland (of all places) for 3 months. I'm so excited that she's here - I've loved catching up with her! She's a ball of energy and so fun to be around! Maybe she'll rub off on me while she's here. :)

Liessa rolled into town on the same Friday Ivan did (April 17th), so I didn't see her that weekend, but we have since spent some fun times together. Last Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to downtown Seattle. We walked the market, saw the fish tossing, went to the first Starbucks, walked the boardwalk, and had a nice dinner at Daniel's - my favorite place! It's delicioso and pricey, but oh so worth it! I snapped these while we were down there.

This is LV. Isn't she beautiful?

The flowers are so inexpensive, fresh & gorgeous!

Bear hugs!

We've become workout partners and enjoy working out with Jillian, Bob, Carmen, and yoga gal. It's fantastic starting our days together with coffee and sweat. I've taught her the simple joys of a french press and she's given me some energy and a new outlook on life! She's here for a reason, and that reason could just be to give me a lift and snap me out of this funk!

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