Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PRIDE Training....Check!

We survived the mandatory PRIDE (Parent Resource for Information Development Education) adoption training required by the State of Washington. We were in class for 34 hours spread over 3 days! It was grueling at times, but oh so worth it. We learned lots, were inspired by families that shared their stories, and bonded with others going through the same process.

We serve such an awesome God. This weekend was such an encouragement to us! We're getting excited and look forward to having babies, raising boys and girls that strive to glorify God in all that they do.

Our next step on this wonderful journey: Post-PRIDE training classes. These are a series of 6 more classes that we'll take on upcoming Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We'll also need to get re-certified in CPR/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens, take a Baby Basics Class from a local hospital, and tour the PICC. In addition to all of this is another mountain of paperwork! Yay! {Okay...maybe a little sarcastic, but we're getting used to it. They can't place these kids with just anybody!}

As always, we covet your prayers for us and the spiritual warfare we face, as well as our baby! God may be knitting him/her together in the womb right now!

{No time for stamping lately, but I hope to do some soon.}
Much love,

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