Friday, June 12, 2009

A Busy May

Well, it continues to stay busy around here and May seemed a little more hectic than the other 4 previous months. After our PRIDE training weekend, we've still been busy with the following:
  • Papa came for 2 weeks, and arrived Saturday, May 23rd. He was SO helpful around here and really worked hard to help us around the house. He weeded all of the flower beds, completely revamped the pond with Mountain Man, installed my new dishwasher, replaced the kitchen faucet, replaced the front door handle and lock, cleaned up the garage, washed dishes, ran errands, and helped nurse Liessa when we were gone. I'm sure I left out some things - he was wonderful! We are so thankful for his visit and glad we had the time with him.
  • We finally broke down and bought a hammock for Mountain Man. It looks more like a cocoon! :)
  • We began our Post-PRIDE classes on May 26th and have had them every Tuesday and Thursday evening since then. Our last one was last night!
  • Early Thursday morning, May 28th, at 3am, I received a call from Liessa's phone. It was her nurse friend, Lara, saying that Liessa had broken her ankle and they were in the ER. She said that Liessa wouldn't stop asking for me, so she wanted to know if I could come. Of course, I said yes. Thus began the broken ankle saga. I could just about write a book about this, but she's been at our house ever since the 28th and I've loved it! She had surgery on Friday, June 5th, and is healing nicely. She's one tough cookie and has been pretty easy to take care of. She does not like depending on other people for everything, so she's had to learn that! Of course, she is "The Princess", so I think that she may start getting used to being waited on hand & foot. :) She really is pleasant to be around. There's never a dull moment around here!
  • June 6th was Antioch Adoption's fundraising banquet and our friends - Holly & Jeff, Rochelle & Jim, Anne & Josh, and Papa - joined us at our table. I spent very little time at the table, as Mountain Man and I ended up being the unofficial photographers at the banquet.For a few weeks prior to the banquet, I was very busy organizing a special event that took place during the banquet, honoring Pastor Hutcherson, who had the vision for taking care of widows and orphans through an adoption ministry. As a result, we now have Antioch Adoptions, who ministers to birth moms and places children in Christian families - completely financed by donations!
  • I've had my Accounting class every Tuesday and Thursday evening, also, but finished last night with a 3.8 average. I'm happy with that considering everything that has been going on!
  • In between all of these events has been doctor appointments, moving Liessa out of her apartment, and trying to cook and clean!
Funny thing about all of this is that I've loved it all! I've enjoyed being busy - seems I've been more productive! I hope to get our Memorial Day road trip photos uploaded soon!

Happy Friday!

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