Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reformation Party

10.31 represents a different celebration to us, a celebration of the protestant reformation. So, in celebrating our heritage, we had a reformation party at our house last Saturday. Holly and Anne were the masterminds behind this large-scaled event, but graciously included me in the planning. I think we had 25 people show up, some in 16th century period costumes and some not. We had a 9-course meal (a traditional feast of the 1500's), with each family bringing a dish to share. Jeff made beautiful programs that included the order of events as well as words to songs. Each family served their course in the order given, with Jordan leading us in song in between each course, during the service. With 9 courses, you can imagine one might get full, but we only had a few bites of each dish. Think of it more as a sampling. The dishes were authentic to the 1500's, with a few exceptions. We changed the tripe (entrails) for one recipe to beef. I think that was for the humble pie. Everything was delicious, and much tastier than I expected it to be! I made turnip and parsnip soup and it was so delicious that I made another double batch this week just for us. That was the first time I had ever even cooked with turnips or parsnips, and possibly the first time I had ever eaten either root! I also had currants for the first time, and I enjoyed them.

I must confess to not knowing much church history, but this has certainly piqued my interest. My reading list will begin to include books to help me learn some of this rich history.

One more confession: I didn't take many photos. I was busy playing hostess, and it was fun! Nathan and I both took photos, but our house lighting is really terrible and so many were blurry, even with using the monopod. A few turned out nice, but I posted more than I normally would have because I wanted to share the "feeling" of the entire party. For all photos, see the Reformation Party Album.


Wendy said...

How fun! And I love your outfits! You need to post some of the recipes from your party so that we might be inspired to try roots too.

Betty said...

Nice pictures, Melinda and Nathan. Very cool costumes too. What a great idea. Keep me informed about the books you choose to read so that I can look for them down here and read them too. Also, I do hope you post the recipe for the soup...i never liked turnips, but maybe if they were cooked up in a soup with other flavors, it just might be good.

Love you,