Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp NW

Our 10-year-old niece and 8-year-old nephew spent a month with us this summer. We entitled this great adventure "Camp Northwest." My MIL flew out here with the kids and stayed for the first few days. We had countless adventures during their month here, so I'll attempt to highlight them for the next few days.

We wanted this to be a time of learning and growth as well as pure fun! The first week, we began reading 100 Cupboards by ND Wilson. We enjoyed as much as (or possibly more than) the kids. We intended to make this a nightly routine, but Rock Band and Apples to Apples prevailed and we still haven't finished it.

Science experiments by the Mythbusters team was also a well-intentioned expectation but we only did one from the entire box! I'm thinking Amanda will have to come over and do the rest with me. This experiment taught us what hot water vs. cold water and hot air vs. cold air. It was a little messy and the kids got a little wet, but it was fun!

A favorite activity was working on the fort and whittling sticks into defense weapons. They spent hours doing this and preparing for battle! 
Never without their trusty 4-pawed warrior
Their imaginations are fantastic! Madison is very creative and likes to be the leader and in charge. Braydon is a hard worker and great protector of his sister. It was neat to see their character and get to know who they are and what they enjoy doing.

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