Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy Summer in Seattle

Seattle - it's the place to be!

It's been a fast, fun-filled summer, but I'm glad there's finally some downtime. Our house has been like a busy little bee hive lately. We had Mountain Man's mom for a few days at the end of June and our niece and nephew for the month of July. Their family joined them on the 5th week. The day our family left, my sweet friend (and college roomy), Molly, came over with her family for a fun evening.

At the same time that the kids came, our good friend, Matthew, from Colorado got a job here in Seattle and moved in with us. He's been here since July 4th weekend. His wife (Mindy) and baby came up the day after Molly & her family left and they stayed for a week to look for a place to rent. Then, they went back home to pack up their belongings for the big move. Two days after Mindy and baby left, my long-time friends, Codie & Jennifer came in for a girls' vacation. They left yesterday. Mountain Man and I now have four full days to ourselves until Matthew, Mindy and baby return on Thursday to live with us for about a month, or until they find a place to rent.

CRAZINESS, I say, but it's been A LOT of fun. I've loved all of the energy buzzing around, but I'm not gonna lie; I love this normal workday at home! I'll be posting quite a few pictures of all of our summer activities soon.

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