Monday, July 9, 2007

Family Camp

We spent the weekend camping with our church at Lake Retreat Camp & Conference Center, somewhere over by Issaquah. We got there late Friday afternoon and got in our room, which was full of about 10 bunkbeds. We were delighted to find one that had a double mattress on the bottom. We had the entire room to ourselves, which felt a little awkward. :) We had dinner, then had the pleasure of hearing from Csaba Leidenfrost, a missionary to the Bakwe(sp?) tribe in Ivory Coast, Africa. He spoke to us a short while about the tribe and the location and then we had our Psalm sing. We wound the day up chatting around the bonfire and roasting s'mores. Saturday was full of activities and started off bright and early with a 7:00 walk. After breakfast, we got to listen to Csaba again and then they had a huge soccer extravaganza, with everyone on the field that wanted to play. Nathan played and pulled his calf muscle - NOT GOOD, especially since the backpacking trip is this Saturday! After lunch was the softball game, which I played in...except we only had 8 people show up, so after some batting practice and waiting to see if anyone else was showing up, we played 4 on 4. Nathan came down with the camera and got sucked into being all-time pitcher. Poor thing...he could barely walk as it was and during the softball game he managed to get smacked in the shin and smashed in the toe (while wearing sandals). He got all sorts of messed up, but he did a good job pitching! Despite our team losing (we lost a player so it was 3 vs 4), it was A LOT of fun. It had been a long time since I played and I was placed in left field, a popular spot to hit the ball! I got a full workout playing, as there was only one other person in the outfield. After playing softball in the hot sun for 2 hours, we cooled off in the lake. That's where everybody was...jumping on the trampoline into the water, jumping on the blob into the water, canoeing, and sunning on the dock. It was a gorgeous day and the sun was hot! We played until dinner, then had another session followed by cookies, ice cream, and coffee. We finished up the evening playing foosball, ping pong, and then board games. It was such a fun day! (This was also the day of our ninth anniversary.) It was very difficult to get up Sunday morning due to exhaustion and soreness. I could barely pull myself out of bed. We had breakfast then loaded up all of our stuff and went to church service in the chapel. After that, we hightailed it outta there to get back to the hot tub! I wound up being so tired, I plopped down on the couch and veged out in front of the tube. It was a fun weekend!

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