Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snoqualmie Falls

The neighbors had another bash last night and were so loud, they kept me up until after 2:30 am. I was exhausted but sleep wouldn't come. We've been keeping the windows up which has attracted a swarm of mosquitoes into the duplex. I bought some citronella tubs and that seems to be helping a lot. So between the heat, the noise, and the skeeters, it was a rough night!

We slept in and didn't go to church. Lunch was at Brown Bag, a place that serves yummy homemade comfort food, and split a taco salad. Then we spent the beautiful afternoon at Snoqualmie Falls. We hiked down to the bottom and then had a nice talk while watching kayakers practice below the falls. It was a nice, sunny afternoon with a few white puffy clouds; a gorgeous day to enjoy the outdoors. We stopped at the store on the way back and picked up some groceries, then came home and watched "50 First Dates." That movie is so cute. :)

I'm already getting pretty tired and may head off to bed soon. Tomorrow is a fun day in the city.


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Betty said...

Wonderful! You are such a gifted writer...always matter what you write about.