Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Udderly Moooooved

I am absolutely exhausted and need a couple of days to catch up on sleep, but I'm really enjoying Dad and Kathy being here. We've had a fun week so far and tomorrow we're driving down to Mt. Ranier. It was a beautiful, clear day today and is supposed to be for the next few...we'll see. Anyway, I came home to the cutest card in the mailbox! Wendy sent me the cutest card ever!!!!! I just had to scan and post it! I was udderly mooooved when I opened it. :)
Is this not the cutest card you've ever laid eyes on?!?! I'm not exaggerating here, folks. The single cow is glittered and is popped out. This scan does NOT do this card justice!! This is one COOL COW! Thank you Wendy- You always brighten my day!


Mindy said...

That is the cutest card ever! What imagination and creativity!

I can imagine that you are so tired. Matthew and I are having a hard time catching up as well. We are SO tired each day. I hope you catch up soon!

Betty said...

We are really tired too...NOT!!! LOL

Yes, this card is adorable!!! Wendy is quite good at that too (Mendy, of course is the apple of my eye). I admire all of you gals who do such gorgeous work and are so creative! You are wonderful...all of you!

Mendy´s Mom