Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Special Prayer Requests

Please pray for my cousin's sweet 4-month old daughter, Avery. She has been having trouble breathing and was rushed to a hospital just north of Dallas on Monday. They had to paralyze her little body so she wouldn't fight against all of the tubes in her, specifically, the respirator which was breathing 100% for her on Monday. As of today, she's breathing a little on her own but she's still in the Neonatal ICU. They think she has RSV which has caused pneumonia, but I don't think anything is for sure at this point. I'm sure Avery's parents, Bobby & Kristi, would appreciate your prayers at this crucial time. Please also remember their other two children, Eva & Aiden, and my Aunt Ellen who is watching them and the worried grandma.

Please also keep Baby Alex in your prayers. You can find his sad story here: Also, if you haven't read Matt's blog before, he's an amazing guy. Take a peek at some of his thoughts; I think you'll be blown away at the grace and strength God has given him during his trials.


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Mindy said...

Goodness. Please give us updates as you have them.