Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas candies and family thoughts

There's something about Christmas time that inspires candy-making. My mammaw used to make peanut brittle, divinity (sp?), and other goodies at Christmas time. We used to have a huge table full of nothing but goodies. Divinity was my favorite, maybe because it was nothing but sugar! Mammaw used to some special for me (at least I thought so), ones without pecans on top. My mom made THE BEST cinnamon candy around. One year when we lived in Elgin, I tried to duplicate it, but failed miserably. Maybe I'll try again one day. Last year I made peanut brittle and it was so good, I made it again tonight! Maybe we'll take a little for the plane trip. :) Actually, I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep a lot, but I have a feeling I'm going to be wide awake.

I got a few tears today, remembering my grandparents and Nana and Unc that went on before me. I miss my Grandad's laughter and the way he always made me laugh. I miss my Mammaw and the way she always made my favorite foods when I went to her house. I miss my Pappaw and our talks as we watered his hydrangeas. I miss my Nana and the way she always cared for me when I was sick - making my favorite chicken-n-dumplins and having ice cream smothered with m-n-m's and chocolate syrup. I miss my Unc and his funny stories and cute laugh. And I miss my Grannie, who's still alive, but whom I don't get to see often enough. I love her stories about growing up and serving in the war and I love her devotion to God. I had a wonderful childhood and now that I'm an adult, I know what a blessing it was for me to have grown up with all of them.

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Mindy said...

Those are all nice memories. It's fun that this time of year can remind us of so much. I hope you are able to sleep on the plane. Good luck with that!