Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Recap

This week has been a little crazy, as we've just had lots going on. I've been trying to get everything cleaned up from the party and backpacking. Unfortunately, I'm still not done and it's driving me crazy!

Monday, was our 10th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been 10 years since we've said our vows. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. I began compiling a small list of things that have happened since then, trying to remember what we've been through. Mountain Man gave me a gorgeous butterfly necklace with matching earrings. (Did you know that I'm crazy about butterflies?) I still don't have a picture of them. We finished off the day eating at Yama in Bellevue. We had THE best shrimp fondue dish I've ever had. The weather was gorgeous and we had a nice table outside. It was a very nice and relaxing dinner, just talking and smiling at each other. Love was in the air.

Monday was also BA's birthday. I'm sorry I wasn't ahead on my birthday cards. :( I hope you had a great day!

Tuesday was another day of rejoicing, as our friends had a little boy! Holly and I went to see little Gilead and his parents at the hospital that night. She looked fabulous and she had him all-natural, without any drugs - I know, she's my hero!
Wednesday, Mountain Man and I carpooled to work. I am always drained when I get home from work, although, I'm mostly sitting at a desk all day. I'm not sure why that is!

It's another gorgeous day in the Seattle area and I wish I had a pool, although the number of days I could actually use it wouldn't be worth having one. I've made some phone calls today, run some errands, and now I'm off to make some Logan Bread for Mountain Man. We're testing the recipe to see if it would be good for his PCT Attempt #2 coming up in August.

That's about it, but it seems I haven't slowed down this week. I'm not sure how people with kids do it! :) I haven't had time for stamping (sniff, sniff), but I'm hoping to do some this weekend. We've got Vivi's birthday on Saturday night and then church family camp on Sunday, so it's still busy! I'll see what I can work into the schedule.


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