Monday, July 14, 2008

Vive's Special Day

Now can you see why I absolutely adore her?! She is so sweet and fun and says the funniest things. See Vive's 2nd Birthday for more of the evening in pictures.

Some funny things out of the mouth of Vive include:
  • "Would you look at that?" She squealed this after pulling her card (from us) out of the envelope! It was hilarious!
  • "Smiley" - She says this any time the camera is pointed at her, no matter what she's doing!
  • "Bye Bye. I'll talk to you later." - She says this when she's ready to get off of the phone.
  • "Oh dear!" - Exclaimed any time there's an accident (i.e. sippy cup falls on the floor).
I can't believe she just turned two years old and she has already picked up so many phrases. Such a cutie!

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Mindy said...

She is a cutie! Don't you look SKINNY!!