Monday, August 11, 2008

Testosterone Invasion!

Last week, Mountain Man's brother and two cousins flew out for some guy time on the Pacific Crest Trail. They came in on the Friday/Saturday red-eye flight and left yesterday. Needless to say, it has been a very busy but fun week.

How about a short recap?Friday night/Saturday morning: Gang arrivesSaturday: Gear selection by weighing items, packing of backpacks, ferry to Whidbey, Sushi at Yama (equivalent to "Yummy" - my favorite sushi place!)Sunday: 7:30am - Guys leave from the Snoqualmie Pass trailheadI stamped, read, and blurfed while they hiked and had gourmet meals. :)

Monday: I worked, they hiked.Tuesday: I worked, they hiked.Wednesday: I took the day off and ran errands, then had fun playing on Whidbey.
Thursday: I worked until 11. They called me at 10:30am to come get them in Cle Elum, so I took off as fast as I could and took the day off, since it was such a long drive. I was happy to get them but was sad they didn't complete it. I think they had a fun time, despite having to come down early. Here's the short story: They ran across a guy that threw out his back, so they went down the fastest way possible to get him some help. By the time they got down to the ranger station, it was closed and nobody was there, so they camped and waited until the next morning, when a volunteer showed up. He informed them that the same guy had been rescued the night before and air lifted to safety. Apparently, a work crew came through after they left and had radios, so they were able to radio some help in. Thankfully, the injured man was able to get to safety before the night's end. The guys then bribed the volunteer into taking them to town (Cle Elum) for a nice meal while they called and waited for me. When I got there, they looked pretty tired and were very stinky but seemed in good spirits, despite getting to finish out at Stevens Pass. Friday: I worked Friday until 3pm and the guys went to Batman at the Imax. We finished the evening with games and a relaxing evening at the house. The guys also went grocery shopping.Saturday: We played games Saturday morning and then went into Seattle for the day. After getting our baseball tickets for that evening, Joe & I went to the market while Mountain Man, E, and Shua pub crawled. Then we met up and had dinner before going to watch the Mariners' game.Sunday: After our late evening on Saturday, we slept in before heading out to Wallace Falls for a nice afternoon hike. We got home fairly late and had a late dinner of fajitas before Mountain Man took them back to the airport.We had a wonderful visit and I just love these guys! They're really very sweet and E and Shua are available (for all you single ladies)! :)

Hope you all have a great week!

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