Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waterfall photography

A small stream along the trail - 1/2 sec, f/10.0, ISO 100, 49mm
I have wanted to shoot "silky" waterfall photos since I got my nice camera, but I've never known how to do it. Well, earlier this year when I took my photography class, I learned that the shutter speed needs to be slower so it blurs the water a bit.

Last weekend, we finished up the "mancation" weekend with a hike to Wallace Falls. This is one of my favorite places because it's difficult enough for me to get a work-out but easy enough that I can make it. Last Sunday, I took my sweet time while the guys forged ahead. I finally figured out how to try this technique on my camera, and I'll share a couple of my favorites with the following disclaimer. This technique should be done with a tripod! I didn't take my tripod but after reviewing the photos, it's an absolute necessity next time! :)
Lower Wallace Falls - 1/8s, f/20.0, ISO 100, 81mm

Have a great weekend!

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Betty said...

I love the signature on your pictures. Maybe I should start doing that...although mine are in no way the quality that yours are!

Anyway, it looks very nice!