Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knee-deep in boxes

I'm not sure if I've already posted this, but we're moving! We bought a house and are closing on August 15th. I am very excited and can't wait until we get into our own place. The duplex has been convenient, but now we'll have a little room to stretch out. I think Nathan is excited about the hot tub. :) I took some pictures of it when I was out for the inspection and will post them once they're scanned. So for now....I'm knee-deep in boxes. Of course I'll send out all of the new info after the 15th. :D

As you can imagine, I won't have time to stamp. :( But I'll have my own "studio" when we get into the house. WOO-HOO!!

It's late and I'm tired, so TTFN.

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