Friday, September 19, 2008

Go Bearcats!

I went with the McPhetridges last night to watch Megs play volleyball. Wow, is her team good! Megs is a home-schooled junior but she plays with the Monroe Bearcats. She's even a starter! Let me tell you, she is one fantastic player! She can pass, hit, serve, dig, block - she can do it all!

Watching high school volleyball sure brought back old memories! Those were fun times. I was a setter/hitter and played on the varsity team from my sophomore year on. It's so strange to see how so many rules have changed since then. I really enjoyed being there and watching them play (especially Megs). It was a quick night; they won very easily in 3 straight games. I'm looking forward to seeing her play some more. She's also in a very competitive club volleyball team that starts up soon, so I'm hoping to see some of those games. They play all over the country, so I might not make very many of those, but they're much more competitive and I've heard more exciting to watch.

These pictures aren't great. The gym lighting was terrible and most of the time, I used my bigger lens (without a tripod), so most didn't turn out that great. Here are a few that I salvaged. (She's the beautiful blonde, number 8!)

Megs passing
Megs serving
Megs blocking
Passing again

And this little princess is her sister
Hope your weekend is fabulous! We've got a busy one with Heidelfest all day tomorrow and a fun Sunday planned with Brooke.

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Meagan said...

Oh! Thanks so much Mrs. Bell! I love them, and you're right. Amanda's picture is super cute!