Monday, September 1, 2008

Season of Change

The seasons are changing. Summer is fading as the air becomes crisper and the rain more frequent. The leaves aren't quite changing yet, but they should begin in a few short weeks.

This season brings quite a bit of change for me. I'll soon be spending my weekdays poring over books, and filling my brain with loads of information that I will hopefully be able to recall when needed, in hopes of becoming a bean counter. I begin Cascadia Community College on September 22 and will hopefully finish up next summer in time to attend the University of Washington in the Fall.

God has blessed Vefficient, my business, this summer with lots of work and I’m hoping it will pick back up after I get into the swing of things at school.

I have recently noticed the return of petechiae, pin-point bruises, up and down my legs, which indicate that my ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) has come out of remission. I have had this blood disorder for many years, with it coming and going out of remission and was hoping and believing that I was completely healed, but alas, it has returned. You may click on the links above for more information on ITP. I will be going to the doctor soon, this week if possible, to find out what my platelet count is and discuss a new game plan. There is an incredible ITP researcher here in Seattle, so I'm hoping to meet with her soon. Please pray for my healing and wisdom as we make treatment decisions.

And last but certainly not least, we have begun the process of adoption! Our paperwork is in and we’re waiting for the next step, which is the interview process. I’ll hopefully hear more this week.

With these changes comes thankfulness for what God has already done in our lives, hope for the future, and faith that He is sovereign and reigns over all.

Love to all.

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