Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honoring the Llama Mama!

Wow! I actually got two cards made today! This week's featured stamper is Dawn. I love her creativity with stamping and coloring scenes. She's a scene queen! She also loves her llamas and is creative with their wool as well, making beautiful hats, gloves and scarves from home-spun llama yarn! Did I mention she enjoys making jam, too?! I tell ya...she is one talented lady!

So, in honor of Dawn, the llama mama, I made this card, cased from her card. I don't have any llama stamps, but I found a cute one at Kritters in the Mailbox to look at while I hand-drew the llama. (They're currently out of stock.) I'm hoping to send this to her soon. :)

Happy stamping! Hope your week is festive & fun!

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