Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Angry Neighbor Lady

You know, the one who grunched at you when you were young and partying into all hours of the night...the one you hated...

Well, I became her on Saturday night. As you have just read, we had a very long day, and climbed into bed at around 10 pm. The neighbors had a few friends over and were quite loud while outside smoking. I was so exhausted, you would think I would have slept right through them, but at 2:10 am, they were so loud, they woke me up. Our walls are thin and our bedroom, although on the 2nd floor, is by their back patio. Well, a few of them were outside smoking, talking, and laughing VERY loudly. I laid there for about 30 minutes, steaming mad because I was exhausted and couldn't sleep because of them. Finally, I had enough. I raised the window and loudly (because I had to get their attention) said, "Hey! Can y'all be a little quieter; I'm trying to sleep." The obnoxiously loud girl replied, "Oh, we're sorry." I said, "It's okay. {Which it wasn't -because if it was, I wouldn't have said anything.} Thank you." I closed the window and got back into bed. They actually got quieter and I was able to fall back asleep.

Nathan couldn't believe I did it; I couldn't believe they were so loud I had to do it. LOL - I guess I couldn't believe I did it either. At least I gave Nathan some chuckles all day Sunday!

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