Thursday, June 28, 2007

A beautiful morning

We had a beautiful morning hiking with friends out at Tiger Mountain. Anne picked up Holly, Genevieve, Bexar, and me and we went out for a morning hike. The forecast showed rain all day long, but we didn't get sprinkles until we were getting back into the van. It was a lovely morning and perfect for hiking. We did an easy trail since Holly was carrying Genevieve on her word - Superwoman! We wound up walking on the marsh trail, which thankfully wasn't very marshy. There were bunches of different berries; we know they were different because Anne sampled all of them. :) We saw slugs, a couple of snakes (which Anne tried to play with), a chipmunk, and a few birds. Bex played with a Shorthaired German Pointer for a couple of minutes; they were such good playmates! The trail needs some cutting back in places, but all in all, we had fun and only saw a couple of other people. We wound up making a big loop and coming back on Bus Trail, walking a total of a little over 4 miles.

We had worked up an appetite and thankfully, Holly was prepared. She brought a whole spread of food including almonds, sunflower seeds, crackers, cheese, salami, cherries, apple juice and more. We snacked under the pavilion until we were full and the skeeters chased us back into the van. A quick stop by Starbucks helped to wake us up for our afternoon of cleaning. It turns out that all of us need to clean!

What a wonderful way to start off the day! The Lord is good.

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