Monday, June 25, 2007

Lazy weekend

Our lazy weekend was full of movie-watching, reading, hot-tubbing, and stamping....basically recovering from our pains. Nathan tweaked his neck during yoga one night last week and had a huge knot with pain shooting from his neck down to his shoulder...not fun. I am still recovering from my hurt back. I'm ready to walk and I've got a Tiger Mountain hike with the girls (Anne & Holly) this week, so I've got to be ready. This weekend we're planning on checking out the trail to the PCT from Snoqualmie, a trial run of the first day of Nathan's mancation. Hopefully the snow is melted...

For today, I've got lots to clean up, as my stamping stuff is everywhere! I made a couple of cards this weekend, which was fun. The latest are these simple grad cards. I was going for cute simplicity. These are SO late, but I'm still sending them...Well, off to clean!

I didn't have a sentiment that I liked, so the writing is hand-written. I doodled on the cap and around the edges. On the insides, I included a bow made of black & white plaid ribbon. It helps to girlie it up a little, but I wanted to keep it simple...something I'm not used to doing!

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