Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stamping Fun

Lately I've been stamping quite a bit and I think everyone has received their cards so I can post them. :)

This was a card I made in memory of Wendy's visit here. When she was here, she was 13 weeks pregnant and I told her we should draw "13 weeks" in the sand and take a picture, but by the time we got to the next beach area, it was dark and we didn't feel like hiking down to the beach. It was also an SCS challenge to only use numbers on the front of the card - guess I failed! Hehe

I sent this one to Mindy. This was also for an SCS color challenge.

This one was for Wendy in celebration of her new job. Congrats, Wendy!

I sent this one to Matthew and Mindy welcoming their new puppy Max! He is just too cute. We're so excited for them as they embark on the adventure of "parenthood." {The reds actually looked like they matched when I made it. :( Shoot! So much for stamping at night!}

I made these for our "mummies" for Halloween. :-) I cut up some cheesecloth for the background and wrote little notes inside. I couldn't resist decorating the envelopes with polka dots of course!

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Mindy said...

All of those cards are precious! You are a talented gal.

I like your new page design.