Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doe a deer, a female deer

Today, I'm featuring more posts from my fabulous trip to Texas! You can't visit the Texas Hill Country and not see deer! As my dad and I were sitting at a bird blind, this pretty girl poked her head around some brush.She cautiously approached us, making her way to the watering hole. As she inched closer, three turkeys made their way to the water, as well.
Although she was so close, this sweet-looking gal never made it to the water hole while we were there; she was spooked when we left. We had an enjoyable time at this wildlife blind, but we needed to get back to Kathy and dinner. On our way out, we passed this little beauty, just sitting chewing her cud. I guess she was having dinner, too. She looked so peaceful.Stay tuned for more photos from the Texas Hill Country.

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Mindy said...

The first picture is awesome! You have become quite the photographer!