Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Memorable Memorial Day

First, a short but truly heart-felt THANK YOU to our troops, past and present for their sacrifices made in protecting our country and our freedom. A special shout-out to Adam, my sweet friend BA's fiance, who is currently serving in Iraq. I'm praying that you may all come home soon. Another special shout-out to my Grannie, who served in the Coast Guard during WWII. I also lovingly remember my Grandad and Pappaw who both served in WWII. I wish I would have heard more of your stories. I love all of our troops and thank you for your service.

This past weekend, we took a fabulous 4-day vacation to visit our dear friends, WOW Addict, Skinny Minny, and Sweet Lab in Colorado. We had such a wonderful time with them. We flew in on Friday morning and headed out to the mountains to go camping. It actually snowed on us while we set up camp. Our camp site was beautiful, nestled right next to a creek with the mountains directly behind us. This was a forest area, so you can put your tent anywhere. We enjoyed a short hike that evening before retiring to our mummy bags to get warm. We dug the "biffy" up on the side of the mountain behind the tents, which was an experience! Mountain Man and I both got altitude sickness (although his was much worse) and WOW Addict and Skinny Minny were so cold they couldn't sleep, so we wound up packing everything up that next morning at 4:40am and going back to their house. The rest of the weekend was fun and included playing board games, shopping (for the gals), shooting (for the gents), a fun time around a fire in their backyard, lots of snuggling and playing with Sweet Lab, watching movies, going on a nice walk through a forest near their house, and just enjoying each other's company. We wish they lived here and they wish we lived there, but I'm thinking we'll have to be satisfied with vacations for now! We were sad to leave them but excited to get back to Bexar, so the separation was bitter sweet. Another fabulous weekend!

For a more detailed version of the trip, visit Skinny Minny's blog.

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

Wow what a great trip that sounds like!!! It is weird to think CO is still getting snow and we are baking here in SC under sunny skies and nearly 90 degrees!! LOL