Saturday, October 25, 2008

Portland Journey

Union Station, Portland

Join me on a journey to/from Portland, looking through my windshield! I went for a conference this past weekend (which was great) and took along Mountain Man's point-n-shoot Canon. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of photos, considering that most of these were taken while driving. I didn't have much free time while I was there, except for in the evenings and it got dark fairly quickly.
Capitol Grounds, Olympia

Thursday night I spent the evening studying but Friday night, I ventured out on the Max (the light-rail) to downtown. I walked around a few blocks, went into a very fancy schmancy mall, visited the Columbia store, and then found another station to catch the Max back to my hotel. I ended up eating at a very nice steakhouse recommended by the Marriott, and then perused the mall near it (that I just happened upon). It had an ice skating rink in it and was a little more my style, although it was late and I just had a few minutes to walk around. Then, I walked back to my hotel, which was a few blocks away (but a little scary), and crashed with HGTV on.

Capitol Building, Olympia

Today was the last day of the conference and afterwards, I headed home. I couldn't resist taking some photos of the beautiful Fall foliage here, so you'll see quite a bit of that. I also made a quick detour to our Capitol in Olympia, which was a nice way to stretch my legs. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. (There are lots of captions.)

Old barn surrounded by the changing leaves of the Fall

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