Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rockin' Robin - Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

I love that song! I sing it often because there's a restaurant similar to Chili's called Red Robin, and that song always comes to mind when I see it. In fact, I call it "Rockin' Robin" instead of Red Robin, and of course, have to sing the song! :)

After the snow began melting the other day, I drove around looking for some nice photos. I happened upon a lot of birds in small wooded area. They were beautiful and I loved listening in on their conversations and observing them. I took this photo with my telephoto lens from my truck. Isn't the robin gorgeous?! I just sat in awe, looking at all of the birds, thinking how amazing it is that no two robins are exactly alike, just like people; yet, they all look alike to me! Yet, God knows each one that He created, knows the number of their feathers, and He takes care of them. Amazing!
Sorry I don't have any cards to share. Like I said earlier, the mojo is lacking, and my evenings have been filled with snuggling up with my husby and watching movies. I'm also working on a set of ATCs that I'm swapping very soon, so thanks for your patience.

Happy stamping (and photo shooting)!

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