Monday, March 31, 2008

Wasted weekend

Well, I had a wasted weekend. Late Friday night, I must have had a stomach bug because I was up and down half the night to rid myself of every piece of roast beef and mashed potatoes that I had that evening! Yuck. I still felt queasy Saturday morning, so missed MOFA. I hope they will let me make it up because I don't want to go through it again! Did a little reading on Saturday and blopping (blog hopping). Stamping mojo is gone right now. :( The problem may be that I look at too many creations and instead of being inspired, I go the complete opposite way and can't come up with anything original. In any case, it's frustrating. I've got a brand new stamp set that I'd like to use, and actually have ideas for, but none of them are really turning out. I threw away several things Saturday and yesterday because it just wasn't working. Such is life...

Saturday's weather went like this: sun, snow, sun, snow, sun, & rain. On Sunday, we woke up to 2 inches of snow and had the same crazy weather. Snow, sun, sleet (but didn't stick), sun, snow, & sun. Most of the snow is melted, but we still have a few patches here and there. The weather has been really crazy!

Lots to do today: cleaning, adoption paperwork (yes, still), workout, plan meals, and grocery shop. At least the sun is out and spreading the sunshine love!

Happy Monday!

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