Monday, June 2, 2008


We finally broke down and bought a new sofa! It is so soft and beautiful. Here it is in the living room, filling it up. I'm looking forward to snuggling up in it with a good book! We got it through Costco Home, which we never knew existed until we moved to Washington and happened upon it one day.

The same day, while on the freak shopping spree (I say freak because neither of us really like to shop unless we're actually getting something), we happened upon this beautiful fountain and thought it would look good in the house. We had been talking about getting a fountain for a while and when we happened upon this great deal, we couldn't pass it up! {See it to the right of the wood stove? We're not sure if it will stay there, but it works for now.}

Happy June!

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Wendy said...

YEAH!!!! You finally found living room furniture that you both agreed on and it look super comfy and great for this room!