Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life on The Ranch (the first 5 days)

Day 1 (12.2 )
Left the mountains
for the prarie.
Day 2 (12.3)

Mountain man mowed,
Dad & I stripped cedar (to be used for fence posts),
and we got the calves.

Mountain Man and I had dinner with some dear friends at Papasito's. Unfortunately, there is no photo. I took my camera, but as usual, I got to talking and completely forgot to take a picture. In fact, I forgot my camera was in the seat beside me! When Codie dropped us off at The Ranch, we realized we didn't have it. Thankfully the waitress had turned it into the manager to lock it up in the safe. 

Day 3 (12.4)
Retrieved the camera from Papasito's and trekked down to East Austin for our Juan's fix. He didn't disappoint!

Some cute neighbors visited
My cousin Matt surprised us and was waiting in the driveway when we got back from running errands. It was great to see him! (Once again, I didn't get a picture of him.)

Another beautiful sunset that night
Day 4 (12.5)
 Sunday, we went to church and came home for tallygarina (a family favorite) and garlic bread. Matt came back over Sunday and ate lunch with us.

Charlie & Nancy
That afternoon, Charlie & Nancy surprised us with a visit. They were close friends with our family when I was growing up and are still good friends with my dad & Kathymom. They feel like family to me, so it was wonderful to see them, catch up, and give some hugs!

On Sunday afternoon, we visited the assisted living for a devotional and then took communion to the sweeties in the nursing home. It was nice meeting some of the people that D&K really like.

Day 5 (12.6)
Morning chores of feeding, watering & taking care of the donkeys, cows, chickens & dogs.
Dad & Cricket
Lunch at Crazy Gal's Cafe in Bertram
A walk along Hamilton Creek
Pounded my first fence post (without help)
Another brilliant sunset

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