Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Banners

Friends. I don't have too many close friends, as I once so naively believed, but the ones I do have are amazing! I'm so thankful for these Godly women and the time they invest in our friendships! We had so much fun today crafting and playing games.

The gals sewed felt Valentine banners
Rochelle & Megs made a great team
Holly got creative with fabric & felt
Anne's was LONG and had amazing details!
Molly was last to arrive and first one done!
My tiny birdie banner
The guys played Runebound
The girls were creative with their own games
And Elam was a joy!
Bexar also loved being included.
I felt so very blessed to share this day with them!

I'm delighted to join Ann Voskamp and many others in giving thanks to the Giver of all things.
{1} every breath
{2} furry friends that always love
{3} a reminder of what love really is
{4} the holy Scriptures: our daily mana
{5} encouraging friends
{6} professors willing to teach "outside the box"
{7} ability to sweat
{8} the telephone: a connection to those loved, only separated by distance
{9} fiery sunsets midst gray, drizzly winters
{10} crafting time with girl friends
{11} coffee & gab session with Tammie
{12} the twang on the other end of the line, the voice of my sweet Liessa
{13} wounded hearts opening in trust
{14} bubbly tubbies
{15} Nicole, our sweet and diligent foster care licensor
{16} Little girl giggles
{17} Craft & game day with friends

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stacey said...

Oh wow! Welcome to the Gratitude Community! It looks like the perfect way to spend an evening!

There is such joy in counting!
Nice to meet you,
fellow grace counter