Friday, January 14, 2011

Nordic Skiing

We had big plans for Thanksgiving - plans to freeze our booties off and go snow camping, as we did last year. Well, we wound up sleeping through the alarm, and Mountain Man didn't think we had time to drive out, backpack in to find a spot, and set up before dark. SO...we stayed home and did some projects around the house. We still wanted to get out in the snow, so he formed a plan and surprised me by suggesting we get up early to shop! I'm not really a shopper, and secretly, I thought he was nuts to want to get up early only to stand in long lines outside in the cold rain! However, I went along with the plan. We hit Starbucks, Home Depot, and then REI (the intended destination)! We waited in line for only 30 minutes at REI and wound up both getting $20 gift cards that they were handing out to the first 150 people. We bee-lined for the cross-country skis, hunted our bargain, snagged it, bagged it, and hauled it home! (This is how Mountain Man shops - as a hunter gathering his food!) Had we been Nordic skiing before? Did we know that we would enjoy it? No, no, no. But Mountain Man knew that we would.

We hit the snow that morning on our favorite forest road. We had no clue what we were doing, but we had fun!
Fischer Classic Nordic Skis
Mountain Man loving every minute!
Bex unsure of what to make of this!
Bexar ran beside us, barking and frolicking in the snow. His herding instincts kicked in and he tried to herd us, which always makes us giggle! What a fun new sport!

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