Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life on the Ranch (part 2)

Day 7 (12.8)

Photographed the ranch
I didn't feel great, so I relaxed in the trailer and watched a couple of movies.

Day 8 (12.9)
More relaxing.

My step sister and her kids showed up later in the afternoon. Mountain Man, Brannon & Noah walked down to the creek and played on the rope swing while I chatted with Kim & Tay. That evening, we went to the house in town where there were more beds, but before leaving, we were blessed by another beautiful sunset. I experienced a horrible evening of sickness that night; and retired to bed early (around 7:30).

Day 9 (12.10)
Me feeding a calf
Tay loving on Sassy
The calves become obsessed with licking our shoes
What's next?
If you won't come on your own, I'll make you.
Morrisons sans Dad Morrison
The Morrisons left that afternoon and we took the small trailer into the shop. Dad ended up staying in town with us and we watched a movie together.

Day 10 (12.11)
Homeward bound, but not before another bite of Juan-in-a-Million's delicious enchiladas and refried beans, which were just like I remembered them! We enjoyed our time with Dad, Kathymom, family & friends, but we were also glad to return home. The sun and warmer temperatures were wonderful and I can't spend enough time with my family and friends. I love them. Thank you to Codie, Jennifer & Brian, and Kim and the kids for taking the time to come hang out. I'm so sorry I missed Wendy (and the new little Elizabeth) and BA (and sweet Ivan). I hope to get together with them soon!

Home Sweet Home!

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