Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Flurry of Fuzzies & Farmers

Everywhere you go, there is a flurry of white fuzzies. It's almost as if it's a spring snow. :) It's quite beautiful and romantic. Apparently, they're seeds from the cottonwood trees. I guess they just want to share their fuzzies with everyone. I'm not sure if a picture will turn out, but I'll try. I guess some things are just meant for our daily delights!

Today was also the weekly farmer's market. Holly and I enjoy going down there together and getting some fresh produce. There are also crafters, which are fun to talk with while viewing their wares. I always catch myself thinking..."I could make that for cheaper"...but as it turns out, I haven't made any!! I bought some herbs and daisies today. They were so beautiful, I couldn't resist. They'll help to girly up the house a little. :) Okay, off to repot!

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