Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grannie's scrapbook finally finished

After what seems like years...okay, it really has been...I finally finished her 80th birthday scrapbook. It was originally her 80th birthday gift, but I wanted to add her party pictures in, since she had a lot of old friends and family show up. However, when she returned it to me, she included many other pictures that she wanted included, along with ALL of her cards - at least 80 of them! Honestly, my creativity was shot and I was burnt out. With mother's day coming, I was finally inspired to work on it and although Mother's day is over and gone, it's finally finished. Because she was very particular about wanting her cards included, I made pockets to put them in so she can take them out whenever she wants to read them, but this made the book incredibly bulky. We shall see how long they remain in there...

I'm just glad I'm done! I know she'll enjoy having it and hopefully she's got lots more years to thumb through it.


Wendy said...

Way to go girl!!!

Betty said...

I know Grannie will LOVE it. After all, it is about HER!!! LOL

You will fondly(hopefully) remember it after she is gone. At least it will be something you finished and did well.