Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call it a miracle

We have finally dusted off the digital camcorder that we bought many many moons ago and have figured out how to take still shots and download them to the computer. I can't believe we've had this really nice camcorder for so long and haven't used it! We could have used it in Hawaii!!! Agh!

Anyway, I used it to finally get some items up on Craig's List. Our old printer is so old that nobody wants it for free!!! I can't even give this thing away. It even works and nobody wants it - so sad.
Bex was sad to see his daddy go this morning. Just look at the poor guy. Doesn't he just make you want to cry?! He's wondering when daddy will be back home...

Well, I'm off to the bathroom...and NO, I don't have to go - at least not right now!! I need to clean out the cabinets and get all of our stuff unpacked. Boy will that be nice! I also need to finish unpacking the office and get the guest bedroom ready for Beth Ann. Yay! She's coming on Saturday!! I can't wait. :) THEN, after everything else is done, I can focus on unpacking my craft stuff. What fun! I love finding a place for everything. For now, I'm off to clean. :)

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