Saturday, August 11, 2007

Super Saturday

Today was such a fun day! Nathan slept in while I watched some HGTV. After he got up, I attempted to make some form of migas with the few ingredients I had (eggs, onion, cheese, tomatoes, & tostada chips). I say "attempted" because they were edible but definitely were NOT a success! Hopefully they'll be better next time. Then, we made our way over to Monroe to help some friends move into their new house. Their house is beautiful and has a great floor plan. The unloading went very quickly because lots of people showed up, which was very nice! :) We then stopped by Costco on the way back and shopped for about 2 hours! All we bought was food, but we looked at quite a bit of stuff as we planned for changes in our new house. It was tons of fun and Nathan was able to shop for quite a while before getting "the shopping face." We were tired of being on our feet...I think it's the concrete floors that have that effect on your legs. Finally, we stopped off at the library, where we exchanged some decorating books for a couple of books teaching Spanish, as we both want to become fluent...eventually. I just made dinner and am finally sitting down at the computer. For some reason, I'm really tired and am thinking of going to bed soon!

Today was super fun!

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Betty said...

Spanish, huh?? Come on down here to Mexico and be immersed in Spanish...the best way to learn, you know! LOL hehehehehehheee (evil laugh) My plan is working to perfection!!

Cyndi said that this is a horrible place and that since she is the oldest she will bite the bullet and make the annual trip to check on mom and dad...LOL...bit I´m sure you don´t buy that, do you?

Seriously, there is a book called Madrigal´s blah blah blah...whatever...and it is a very good book to build vocabulary and also to learn builds on what you already know and shows you how to change the nouns to past tense verbs easily. Everyone else starts with present tense verbs, but if you think about it most of us use past tense verbs more than present tense. We went...we saw...i know!

Anyway, i highly recommend Madrigals book. El libro es amarillo.