Sunday, August 26, 2007

No more duplex!

On Saturday, we went and finished up at the duplex. Nathan scooped poop (his favorite) and filled in the holes in the back yard while I finished up running the rug doctor and wiping down the kitchen. It felt so good to finish it. Then, we went across the street to the convalescent home to listen to the big band music and check out the old car show. It was so fun and we wound up getting to watch some professional swing dancers and had a free lunch of hot dogs and chips. :) It was a nice reward to the end of our hard work. The car show and band is actually an annual event and we heard them as we were unpacking in our duplex last year but never walked across the street. The music was nice to listen to while we finished up working, too. :-)

We also ended up running errands for most of the afternoon, which was quite tiring, but we're enjoying getting more stuff done on the house. Oh yea, we left Bexar in his new chain-link pen but when we got back, he had pushed his way through the bottom of the panel and bent the chain to heck! Ugh...that boy! Thankfully, he was standing in the driveway when we pulled up. So, when we went to pick up the free desk from Craig's List last night, he got to stay in his tiny crate!! And he had the same opportunity again this morning while we were at church. For some reason, he just doesn't like being in that pen. Even if one of us is staning in it, he will come in and turn around and go right back out. Very strange, that boy. Maybe he's just not used to the surroundings out here and everything is so new. Hopefully he'll get used to it soon.

Today, we're working on getting the office set up and unpacking some boxes. It's slow going but fun to organize things and get them in their proper places. I'm off to clear out boxes...TTFN

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Mindy said...

Yeah for being finished with the duplex! Now you can concentrate on better things.

I bet Bex will get used to his new just may take a while. At least he has a lot of room to run around now...and some nice shade from all those trees. :)