Friday, August 3, 2007

Sweet Hubby

Last night I was busy cooking tacos with refried beans, Spanish rice and of course guacamole and queso, when hubby pulled up and began unloading the car. I couldn't imagine what took him so long at the store, as he called me when he left work and I asked him to get some ice while he was already stopping. I looked up to see him walking in with a beautiful potted plant. I don't know what it is...still have to look it up. He made my night. He proceeded to go back out to the car and bring in another potted plant - I think it's a begonia. When I thought he was going out to shut the trunk, he came in with another potted plant - a bromeliad (sp?)!! WOW! I couldn't believe it...I haven't had a special surprise brought home since October! He is so wonderful! He really knows how to make my entire night! I'm so blessed to have a sweet hubby. :D


Mindy said...

That is VERY sweet of him! I love plants. I would like to get some new ones myself, but I'm not sure where to get them. Every time I get something from Home Depot or Lowes, I get an infestation of little bugs!

Betty said...

Yes, indeed you are blessed. Nathan is a gem...

Love you,