Thursday, August 23, 2007

Moving Fun

Well, we finally got moved into our house. We had lots of help from men that we go to church with, so we were completely finished in 2 hours - that was loading and unloading! It went quite smoothly and we were so thankful to all of those that helped. Since the move, I've been working on getting things unpacked and organized, which has been lots of fun. I love organizing! The not-so-fun part has been the cleaning at the duplex. :( Ugh! I'm hoping to be done with it today!

We've also been making lists of things that we want or changes we want to make and have already begun checking off items. :) After church on Sunday, we bought some chain link panels from Home Depot and he built a big kennel for Bex. It will suffice until we can get a fence built. :) Also, the washer that came with the house was quite old, inefficient, and VERY loud but it still worked. So, after much research and looking at several models, we bought a nice, new, efficient (energy star rated 171) side-loading washer. It's even pretty! First load is

Today, it's off to the duplex to finish up some much-needed cleaning. Neither of us are feeling very well - must be the crap we've been having for lunch these days...Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. Have a great day!


Wendy said...

This must mean that my Mel Mel has internet again!!! YEA!!!!!!

Mindy said...

Yeah for getting into the new house! I hope you are enjoying it!