Thursday, March 13, 2008

Photons & Graphics

Tonight's photography class was on light & composition. I LOVED tonight's talks...the presenters could have gone on for days and I wouldn't have minded. These were much more fun topics to listen to than the boring (but essential) technical talks last week. I understood this a lot better because my brain wasn't so much on overload. I particularly enjoyed the composition session on incorporating the rule of thirds into your photographs, thinking graphically, & working with design (horizontal vs. vertical orientation). I think this was more enjoyable because I use some of these same concepts when making cards. I'm looking forward to actually being able to attend some workshops within the next couple of weeks so I can have some hands-on practice with help just an arm's length away! The session on lighting also made me consider getting up a lot earlier than I am...just so I can set up for fantastic sunrise shots, when the lighting is perfect for photography. Now THAT'S dedication! :D If it will get me up in the mornings, it's worth it.

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