Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beth Ann is coming!!

Today is the long-awaited Saturday when BA arrives. I can't wait. I need to leave soon, but just wanted to apologize for the lack of inside house pics. I took a few but it was dark and they didn't come out too well. I'll try to take some in the next few days when the sun is out. For now, here's something to drool new washing machine. :)

Last night, N and I went on a date night. We tried a new restaurant called "Cosi" which is basically Italian fast-food. It was actually pretty good. I had a chicken bake (chicken with lots of cheese) and a tasty salad. In fact, it was just like the Greek salad I made earlier this week. :) Apparently they're known for their flatbread, and it was pretty good. All in all, not GREAT or FANTASTIC but I would stop in again. The service was great; I think they were really bored, as there were few people there. :)

The movie we saw was "Becoming Jane." It's about the life of Jane Austen and I had wanted to see it since it came out. Finally, after we had watched everything else, N gave in the chick flick. LOL It was a great movie, except the ending was sad. But I guess in life, things don't always have a happy ending. I can't speak for N, but I enjoyed it.

TTFN - Off to pick-up BA and head downtown.

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