Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A fun Labor Day

Labor Day was packed full of fun. We slept in and took our time getting out the door. Once we got dressed and got our backpacks ready, we headed off to the Olympics. We thought it would be fun for Beth Ann to ride the ferry while she was here, so we took the Kingston ferry to Edmonds for a hike in the Olympics. It turned out that it was Nathan's and Bexar's first times to ride the ferry also, so that was fun. :) By the time we got over there, it was lunch time so we found a diner and grabbed some burgers to go. We had originally planned to go on the Tubal Cain hike that would have taken us through an old mining town (now remnants) and by some WW II airplane wreckage, but the forest service road was narrow and littered with potholes, so we stopped just 3 miles short of the trailhead and opted for the Upper Dungeness trail. We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be the perfect hike for us. :) We hiked 7 miles through old growth and along a clear, rushing river and wound up at a shelter in a wildflower meadow. The hike was very easy and it was nice to be back in the woods again. The only "wildlife" we saw while on the trail was a chipmunk and field mouse but we were also intrigued by the number of different and brightly-colored fungi. We had a great time and even scouted out some nice camping spots. :) We finished up the day with some crappy crepes, some yummy clam chowder, and a long ride home. The hot tub felt great after that long hike on our sore legs. Although it wasn't tough, BA and I were both a little sore just from being on them for so long, but it was well worth it and a lovely day.

I hope yours was wonderful, too!

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