Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wallace Falls State Park

After church this afternoon, we headed out of town on Hwy 2 on our way to Lake Serene to do a little hiking. It's been overcast and raining all day, but Nathan loves the rain. :) It's starting to be that time of year again...drizzly and cold. It just makes the hot chocolate and hot apple cider so much more enjoyable! Anyway, I got sick on the way home from lunch - I think it was usual car sickness, but I wasn't feeling well for about 30 minutes or so. We got dressed, threw our gear in our backpacks, loaded Bex, and headed out the door anyway. We never made it to Lake Serene; we saw a waterfall from Hwy 2 and eventually saw a sign that read "Wallace Falls State Park." Assuming that must be the same falls, we drove on over and headed out to see the waterfalls. It was absolutely gorgeous. We had a nice hike of 5.5 miles, with it following the river all the way and passing by the falls three separate time. It got tougher as we neared Upper Falls, but we kept on. Overall, a lovely trail. We're going back soon to take the camera. We were out of film and didn't want to take a chance of ruining it in the rain. It wound up being pretty close to us, and only about a 30-minute drive; a return is imminent. Cold and soaked to the bone (I know nobody is feeling sorry for us at this point), we stopped at a cute little bakery and had a wonderful hot dinner of an "open sandwich"- a big piece of homemade bread slathered with creamy mashed potatoes, pulled pork, and topped brown gravy. It was scrumptious!

Bexar is now a sweet-smelling clean Boof and my muscles are telling me it's time for the hot tub!

Have a great week! TTFN

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