Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Catch-Up - Annette Lake Hike

On Saturday, we went hiking with the Mars Hill outdoor group to Annette Lake. It was fun to meet other people with similar interests. The lake was beautifully clear and it was a gorgeous day. Bexar was on edge the whole time because he wanted to be in front. He's used to being "second in command" behind Nathan, so when he was "second to last in command" he didn't like that much. He was constantly trying to run around Nathan instead of being content where he was, which understandably frustrated and annoyed Nathan to no end. I believe this affected his level of enjoyment for this particular hike. I enjoyed the hike and talking to others, particularly Tom who was following up in the rear behind me (to make sure no stragglers like me were left behind). This was a difficult hike for me because of my lack of physical shape. It was a total of 7.5 miles with an elevation change of 1700 feet. The rest of the group was in better shape than me so it felt to me like I was going extremely fast. Nathan told me on the way home that they weren't really going all that fast. On the way there, I really didn't get to enjoy the hike because I was just focusing on breathing! I got my camera out at the lake, where we stopped to eat some lunch, and then had it out the whole way back. I finally just decided I would stop and take pictures when I wanted them, without worrying how far behind I got. Annette Lake was beautiful, but I don't think we'll do this hike again. Let's face it...there are hundreds of other hikes that we haven't done, which means more mountains/creeks/rivers/waterfalls/views that we haven't seen! And we're looking forward to exploring them.

On a side note, it was wonderful to come home to the hot tub and soak my sore feet and legs. :) Its newness still hasn't worn off and we're still enjoying it just about every night, especially since it's getting down in the lower 50s at nights now.

(I'll post pictures after I get them developed.)


Mindy said...

What is the Mars Hill group? I am glad you had a good time. That would have been an extremely difficult hike for me. I am glad you are enjoying the hot tub. I hear at least 6 times each week how badly we need to have one at our house. Maybe we'll get one some day.

MWIT said...

Mars Hill is a huge church in Seattle; the one that we attended a couple of Sundays ago. They have an outdoors group that hikes, snowshoes, camps, backpacks, climbs rocks & ice, kayaks, skis, and whatever else you can think of! :) It's a great way for us to meet other Christians with the same interests.

Betty said...

Wow! You know how I would have fared on this! NOT! Meaning I would NOT have fared well! 7 miles??? 1700 feet??? YIKES! I am glad you did it! Congrats!